IT outsource services.
Hire IT specialists and project teams from an IT company
Hire a team for your task

You can save 50% to 87% on the cost of office, recruiting, training, managing and keeping «in-house» employees. We create competitive advantage.

  • Outstaffing

    We help companies reduce the cost of website and software development, speeding up the market launch of their products. It's suitable for companies with well-established IT processes and project managers capable of managing a remote team at every stage - from understanding the right technology stack to controlling project implementation. Negotiate tasks and deadlines directly with developers, and we'll take care of everything else: recruiting and adapting specialists, organizing working conditions and HR documentation. You won't have to think about payroll, taxes, sick leaves, work and vacation schedules - just set the task and it will be done in time.
  • Outsourcing

    You need to complete a task urgently, but don't have time to choose a specific employee? Then outsourcing service is just right for you. We will not only understand the task and the terms of reference, but will try to achieve an even better result than what was originally intended. We evaluate the project and bring it to completion. Contact us and expect the work to be done in the shortest possible time.
  • IT team

    Tired of looking for the right specialists for a project? Then try to use the service of the whole team. All you need to do is to set a task and tell us about it in detail. Then we will select a team of professionals who can do the job in the best way. The advantage of this method is that they are not only experts in their field individually, but also a well-coordinated team that has successfully completed more than one project.
  • Projects

    A service designed for those who are looking for a team of experienced professionals for long-term projects or large tasks. We take care of all the necessary expenses: we train employees, control the work process, understand and evaluate the project, complete tasks on time and even over-fulfill them.
About us
Our job is to help small and medium-sized businesses achieve great results for less money and with minimal responsibility. For this purpose we offer a number of specialists who have managed to prove their abilities and show themselves to be professionals in their business.

Our specialists will be an excellent addition to the existing range of specialists of your business. By working remotely, you will reduce costs, minimize liability, increase company focus and improve work results. Best of all, there is absolutely no contract. You can leave at any time.

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Work format
  • 1
    Engagement period
    The minimum term for engaging a developer for a project is 1 month. Full-time workload must be provided by the client company.
  • 2
    Tasking, project and development management provided entirely on the customer side.
  • 3
    Our developers are included in your business processes: they work in your repository and task tracker, participate in meetings, "track" time.
  • 4
    The cost is determined by the hourly rate of a particular professional. Payment is made monthly based on the report and closing documents.
  • 5
    You will be able to check the qualifications of each developer in advance - we organize technical interviews.
  • 6
    Scale and strengthen your team with skilled developers who are fully immersed in your project.
We can start working within a week after agreeing the terms and signing the documents. This is much faster than searching for a developer on staff!
  • 87
    Accomplished projects
  • 52
    Satisfied customers.
  • 9
    Projects in process of realization.
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We have been working with most of our clients for years. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships.

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