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Value Based Selling is more than just 'another sales technique' - it's central to building long term relationships and business growth.
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Business and Sales Team Development
Business and Sales Team Development
  • Define business goals, outline a plan and ensure ongoing commitment
  • Motivate and empower your sales team to become 'Top Performers'
  • Help your team adapt to the ever changing B2B landscape
  • Retain talent in your team and reduce employee turnover
  • Ensure sales time is spent proactively and effectively
Sales Process
Sales Team
Skills Auditing
Sales Improvement Services have a number of support services that can help our clients build and develop their sales teams which include sales position and sales skills auditing. Sales Positions:

Prior to recruiting for a role a client might need support in defining the role and the characteristic required for someone to be successful within that role. Our support can include position profiling that will support the recruitment process.

Key benefits of profiling:

Ensuring you have the correct job role and key characteristics might sound obvious however with the true cost of recruitment being around 50% of first year salary if you get it wrong, it is probably worth considering a review of the role prior to going to market.

Sales Skills:

A more traditional approach to agreeing the skill deficiencies of your team is to carry out skills assessments, we have various evaluation tools and surveys ranging through roles and functions such as:

  • Sales Leaders
  • Sales Managers
  • Field Based Sales
  • Account Managers
  • Call Centre and Retail
  • Sales Support Roles

Our field based and account level surveys include roles such as:

  • Enterprise Channel Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Account Manager
  • Internal Account Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Strategic Selling
  • Solution Selling
  • Application Selling
  • Transactional Selling

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We are sales performance experts who enable sales excellence through people and process development. We offer customized solutions to increase sales results and achieve sales excellence for our clients.
How We Work

When you hire us we become part of your team. We work with you and your management team as well as the salespeople. The process is dynamic, and sales activity will not be negatively affected as we implement new strategies, processes, and systems. Our aim is twofold as we work. While we focus on making early sales increases, our long-term play is to build a sales department that has a winning culture with systems that support sustainable growth while increasing business value.
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